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If You’re Not Cleansing Your Lashes… Read This.

If You’re Not Cleansing Your Lashes… Read This.

It’s ok, boo. Maybe you didn’t know better. But that’s why we’re here to give you the 411 on lash care and why it’s key.

Lash cleansing and proper aftercare is a little piece of importance that has been commonly ignored in the lash community due to lack of knowledge + education in the newer + upcoming lash industry. (No shame… it’s all about growth, baby!) As the lash industry continues to evolve… research, studies + product development become more advanced. We’ve learned throughout trial, error and science in the lash community that cleansing your lash extensions is a vital step that needs to be taken to ensure healthy, long-lasting gorgeous lashes.

Why You Should Cleanse… and Yes, Get Your Lashes Wet.

Your natural lashes are a direct result of evolution doing it’s thing. Their main purpose is to protect the human eyes from environmental impurities, debris, dirt, etc from interfering with your vision. The number one aftercare advice that many lash artists in the past have told clients to “refrain from getting the lash extensions wet to make them last longer.” Now, if you think about the functionality of your lashes in addition to “not getting them wet,” or giving them a thorough cleanse… it should make your skin itch.

Extensions Do Not Last On Dirty Lashes!

Extensions Do Not Last
On Dirty Lashes!

By neglecting to cleanse lash extensions, the accumulation of environmental impurities, dirt, oils, makeup and etc will begin to build up on the fresh lashes and area of skin on the lash line. This build up can cause bacterial infections, premature shedding, clogged glands (styes), and even longterm damage to natural lashes! You wouldn’t not wash your hair for 2 weeks… so why would you not allow your lashes to get wet or give them a cleanse?!

Cleansing = Longer Lasting Lash Extensions.

You heard that right. If your lashes aren’t lasting as long as they should, up to 2-3 weeks… and your lash artist didn’t give you proper instruction for at home care, there’s a 90% chance that lack of cleansing is the problem. Any oils, including natural oil secreted from your skin… will break down the lash adhesive and cause the lash extensions to fall out quicker than normal. Going in for a lash fill with dirty lashes also makes it more difficult for the adhesive to cure correctly to the hair shaft. If there is a build up of any type of impurities, such as dirt or makeup— the adhesive will have less surface area to bond to the hair due to these being in the way. This lessens the chance of the lash extensions from holding on to your natural lash properly for the duration of the 2-3 weeks.

Lashes Are a Luxury… Invest in Aftercare.

If you are going to take the plunge and splurge on getting a fresh set of lashes… INVEST. IN. AFTERCARE! By not investing in proper aftercare products, you are basically throwing money out the window. Your extensions will not bond correctly, oils will break down the adhesive… and your lash extensions will begin to shed prematurely within hours of the application. Your lashes should last up to 2-3 weeks, but it is totally normal to lose about 1-5 lashes per day due to your natural lash cycle.

We want the best for you and your natural lashes… lets get cleansing! All of our favorite lash aftercare products are proudly sold at our studio location.

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